GIS, Cartography & Modelling

GeoMemes has deep technical skills in both hardware and software realms. From databases to browser Jscript tricks; from technical specifications and design to building mobile applications - we have you covered. We also provide group and individual instruction on technical subjects.

  • GIS and GIS (Python) scripting
  • Cartography
  • SELES Modelling

Planning, Research, Training, Facilitation

Our staff come from a background in resource management and economics. We provide visioning, project management, and training to support your community's resource, economic, cultural and health planning.

  • Land & marine use planning
  • Community engagement
  • Sustainable forest management

System Design, Web Programming & Apps

Our specialty is in building modular IT systems called Community Information Systems (CIS). CIS help you mobilize diverse knowledge in your community! CIS are secure, comprehensive, dynamic, mobile/web-based, and map-centric.

  • Users needs assessment
  • Design & usability
  • Interface with your current workflow
  • Security
  • Web-mapping, Web-enabled Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Decision support
  • Expert systems